While at Neto I conducted research across large and small merchants, as well as their partner network. Research activities included interviews, site visits, surveys and usability testing.

Neto Add-Ons improvements

This covered initial merchant and partner research, with UX patterns and recommendations for immediate and future releases.

Add-Ons research visual insights 01
Add-Ons research visual insights

Add-ons partner services research insights
Add-Ons partner services research insights

Insight card
Research distilled down into an insight card

Addon-Ons improved merchant experience

New Add-on pattern
New Add-on pattern to improve experience

Improved Add-Ons pattern 02
Improved pattern to indicate supplier and costs

Add-Ons featured pattern
New pattern for featured Add-Ons


Neto POS (Point Of Sale) improvements

UI improvements to standardise patterns and layouts, improve usability and defensive design, and increase accuracy of transactions.

Choose recipient

Edit details and select dates

Active notifications

Edit customer details
Improving the POS edit experience


Amazon AUS integration

Merchant research and usability test session to determine an optimal experience for integration with the Amazon Austalian store and the Neto platform.

Amazon product listing user flow
Amazon product listing user flow

Detailed screen design for Amazon setup
Detailed UI screen design for Amazon setup

Amazon menu and IA

Merchant site visits and future research

I took part in six merchant site visits as well as facilitated sense-making sessions for nine aditional site visits. After each visit, Neto team members captured their observations in a sense-making activity and together discussed and grouped our captured observations. In all, 1237 individual observations were captured. All observations were collected and meta tagged in Optimal Workshops' Reframer tool and then ranked with codes in an Excel sheet to produce a key findings and recommendations report for future product roadmaps.

Customer site visits

Sense-making sessions

Site visits research summary

Merchant insights bubble chart

Merchant insights report 2018
Site visit keys findings report


Neto dashboard user experience improvements

Improvement to Product Listings

Improvement to managing warehouse locations

Improving on-boarding engagement with new merchants

Higher contrast and consistency of icons

Better management of site permissions

Conceptual sketch for mobile strategy